About FreiXLite
About us

Origin: October 15th, 2021

FrieXLite is an alternative market to our sister exchange FreiExchange.
While FreiExchange offers only markets paired to Bitcoin, FrieXLite only offers markets paired to Litecoin.

We keep it as simple as possible with only essential functions and a modest API. With time, more functions will be added.

All hardware has been provided by Sicanet.

Special thanks to :

  • Fedde - Development and Hardware
  • Skaro - Extensive testing and calculation
  • CryptoStan - General testing

Donations are always welcome to keep things running

FRC : 1413RS7yvjsukxjGqKfK14g3JWhW84o7Fn
BTC : 1F42xewVciifc1mJ3khtk86MQCsQGcGcry
BTM : bXPvAdhYv7mY6NFuyAC4Bp68Q7nVeY5h33

Any problems, comments or questions, use https://helpdesk.freiexchange.com

You can also reach us on the Telegram #FreiExchange channel: https://t.me/freiexchange